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                    您當前所在的位置》意林雜志 > 繪英語 > 2015年5月 總第6期 > 免費試讀

                    When We Were Young, We Loved Each Other and Were I

                    文 文 / [愛爾蘭] 威廉?巴特勒?葉芝


                    文 / [愛爾蘭] 威廉?巴特勒?葉芝

                    譯 / 飛 白

                    繪 / 艾阿制

                    Speech after long silence, it is right, All other lovers being estranged or dead,

                    Unfriendly lamplight hid under its shade, The curtains drawn upon unfriendly night,

                    That we descant and yet again descant, Upon the supreme theme of Art and Song;

                    Bodily decrepitude is wisdom; Young, We loved each other and were ignorant.

                    沉默許久后重新開口,不錯 ,其他的愛人都已離去或死去,

                    不友好的燈光用燈罩遮住 ,不友好的黑夜用窗簾擋住 ,

                    我們談了又談,無休止地談論 ,談藝術和歌這個最高主題;


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